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AieSecure™ - Non-Slip Suction Mount for Bathroom, Toilet, Elderly Safety

AieSecure™ - Non-Slip Suction Mount for Bathroom, Toilet, Elderly Safety

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Absolute security

With Aiesecure™, everyday gestures become child's play. This non-slip backing helps combat life's mishaps such as unusual falls while bathing. Aiesecure™ protects you from falls in a wet bathroom.

Versatile or multi-use

Aiesecure™ accompanies you:

  • In the bathroom, use it as a support during the bath or when getting out of the tub
  • In the toilet, in case of instability on the bidet. Can be used to adopt a comfortable position in the toilet
  • In other everyday gestures. Can facilitate the opening of the fridge, doors and windows, the transport of objects with a surface compatible with suction cups

Convenient for people with reduced mobility

Although AieSecure™ is suitable for all audiences, its great specificity lies in its ability to support people with reduced mobility in their daily activities. Are thus concerned: the elderly, children, people of small stature and especially the disabled.

Improve posture in the toilet

AieSecure™ allows you to maintain your balance and maintain a correct posture when sealing and going through the toilet. People with lower back pain or lower back pain can thus put themselves at ease without feeling severe pain.


What could be more beautiful than spending time with family, with friends, during vacations, when traveling, as if you were at home. AieSecure™ with its ease of install/uninstall can be taken with you on the go.


AieSecure™ mounts firmly to a flat, smooth, hole-free surface such as glass, ceramic tile. Installation does not require any tools, as there is no need to make a hole on the surface upstream.

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